Family: Josef & Pia Wurzinger
Place: Tadten
Area: Seewinkel
Specials: warm and sunny (2000h of sunshine in average), beautyful minerality in our soils,
Bestseller: Blauer Zweigelt Heideboden
Best wine: Kreuzjoch
Best location: Kreuzjoch
Location details: slight gravel, mineral-rich, moderately heavy. Upper soil: brown soil with slight coarse grain. Dry location.
Best year: 2008 - a difficult year, but great resultes
Awards: "Salon" of austrian wines, falstaff
Countries we export to: Germany, Swiss, Belgium, the Nederlands, Amerika
Mission statement: Wine belongs to all cheerful companies, ceremonial gatherings, but also to lamentable occasions. Wine can be a treat or a food, but also as an elixir and even medicine. Wine can settle down and unwind, but can also stimulate philosophy and discussions. Wine can be almost anything - if only it is good!
Our MSE 2017 Statement: meeting wine enthusiastic people from all over.
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Weingut Wurzinger Josef & Pia