Family: Fritz Wieninger
Place: Wien
Area: Wien
Specials: Weingut Wieninger cultivates vineyards on the Bisamberg and on the Nussberg, which - separated by the Danube river - feature different soils and different climates. The winery's comprehensive range of wines reflects these differences.
Bestseller: Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC
Best wine: Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Nussberg
Best location: Rosengartl
Location details: The soil consists of calcareous shell-limestone over limestone, and with a moderate clay content. The Rosengartl is historically the most precious in the Vienna region. The wines were amongst the most sought after in the days of the Habsburg empire, also today, they are in high demand because of their complex characteristics and distinctive expression of terroir.
Best year: 2004, was a cold year, in the youth restrained in the age the wines are fresh, elegant and very complex
Countries we export to: USA, Japan, Russland, Schweden, Holland, Finnland, Norwegen, Schweiz
Mission statement: What matters most to me is to bring out the typical Viennese character in the wines. And I've always been clear about what i want with his specifically, quality and professionalism. Today, Wieninger stands for top Quality wines from Vienna, in demand around the world.

Weingut Wieninger