Family: Franz Türk
Place: Stratzing
Area: Kremstal
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner Kremser Weinberge
Best wine: Veltliner 333
Best location: Kremser Frechau - Erste Lage
Location details: Loess soils prevail here with deep-reaching layers, and derives from the loess particles, that were blown from winds from the "Ice Age" from the glaciers and deposits deposited in the Alpine foothills.
Best year: 2013 - IWSC London Grüner Veltliner Trophy (worldbest Grüner Veltliner), Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Reserve Cup winner and Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix winner (Austrian best Grüner Veltliner)
Awards: IWC San Francisco 2011 Best in Show - Dry white wine, 2 times Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix Winner (2001 and 2014)
Countries we export to: Germany, Switzerland, UK, ...
Mission statement: "When you quit, improving, you quit, being good" - Franz Türk/winemaker
Our MSE 2017 Statement: I wish all sommeliers a fair and succesful comepition!
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