Family: Gustav Strauss
Place: Gamlitz
Area: South Styria
Specials: Variety of Grapes and diversity of Soils Sortenvielfalt und Terroir,
Bestseller: Sauvignon Blanc
Best wine: Gelber Muskateller Gamlitzberg Reserve 2011
Best location: Gamlitzberg
Location details: The Gamlitzberg is one of the most famous single vineyard sites in the south of styria, the vineyard is dominated by clay soil, clay sands and chalky sandstone, which especially benefits the Sauvignon Blanc
Best year: 2013
Awards: AWC Vienna
Countries we export to: Germany and USA
Mission statement: to find the diversity of soils in a glass of wine
Our MSE 2017 Statement: new People and Friends
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Weingut Karl & Gustav Strauss