Family: Wolfgang Hamm (Director Wine Estate), Günther Gottfried (Oenologist)
Place: Klosterneuburg
Area: Wagram
Specials: In 900 years tradition we were able to acquire the best vineyards in each of the three wine regions. This unique selection of terroirs allows each grape variety to be grown under ideal conditions.
Bestseller: St. Laurent Ausstich
Best wine: St. Laurent Große Reserve
Best location: Hengsberg (Klosterneuburg), Nussberg and Jungherrn (Vienna), Stiftsbreite (Thermenregion), Wiegen (Gumpoldskirchen)
Location details: Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estates largest vineyards (55 hectares) lie 25 kilometres south of Vienna. The sunny and hot climate and the heat-retaining alluvial gravel soil, interspersed with brown earth, favour red wines, in particular Klosterneuburg Monastery´s showpiece variety, St. Laurent.
Best year: Even in the challenging weather conditions of 2013 our top vineyards and terroirs showed its best.
Awards: falstaff ROTWEIN GUIDE 2017: 95 P. – St. Laurent Große Reserve 2013 | 92 P. – St. Laurent Reserve 2014 | 91 P. – Chorus 2014 | 91 P. – Pinot Noir Reserve 2014 | AUSTRIAN WINE CHALLENGE 2017: Gold medal – St. Laurent Reserve, 2013 – AWC Winner | Gold medal – Chorus, 2013 | Gold medal – Mathäi brut, 2012 | GAULT MILLAU 2017: 17 P. – Weißburgunder Reserve, 2015 | 16 P. – Gewürztraminer, 2015 | 16 P. – Weißburgunder Jungherrn, 2015 | 16 P. – Pinot Noir Reserve, 2013 | A la Carte AUSTRIAS WINE-GUIDE 2017: 93 P. – Weißburgunder Reserve, 2015 | 92 P. – Pinot Noir Reserve, 2014
Countries we export to: DE, CH, BE, NL, FI, USA, JP, CN, TW
Mission statement: Sustainable viticulture in Austrias oldest wine estate. Much has changed since our foundation in the year 1114, but the most essential things have remained the same: - Our symbiotic work with nature - Our respect for humankind and the environment - Our openness for new ideas, and - Our efforts to create unique and memorable wines!
Our MSE 2017 Statement: We are looking forward to share our passion for traditional grape varieties with passionate sommeliers throughout Europa and beyond.
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