Family: Fritz Miesbauer
Place: Krems
Area: Kremstal
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner Lössterrassen
Best wine: Riesling Ried Grillenparz Kremstal dac Reserve 1 ÖTW
Best location: Ried Grillenparz 1 ÖTW
Location details: south-facing terraces; soils are derived from bedrock that includes gneiss, mica shist and calcareous conglomerates
Best year: vintage 2014: due to the big challenge during the summer months caused by high humidity and the amazing balance of the ready wines
Awards: 95 Falstaff points for Riesling Ried Grillenparz Kremstal dac Reserve 2014 1 ÖTW
Countries we export to: USA, Australia, Germany, Great Britain
Mission statement: At Weingut Stadt Krems, we want to develop and uphold the special characteristics of Austrian white wine and, in particular, of wines from the Danube region: freshness, spiciness, finesse and complexity.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: We are looking forward to presenting our winery to an international audience and to have nice conversations with wine lovers and Sommeliers!

Weingut Stadt Krems