Guillermo Cruz Alcubierre

Family name: Cruz Alcubierre
Given name: Guillermo
Jobs: Sommelier, Restaurante Mugaritz, Errenteria
I love this about my profession: I love everything about it. I mean, to be sommelier is great because you are always in touch with people, just sharing your passion to them. Apart of that, to have the chance to travel around the world to know regions, countries, vineyards, producers is fantastic.
This is important to me with my team: It’s the team which is important for me. In Mugaritz we are a sic people on the sommelier team, I am the Head Sommelier but I always try to take care of all of them. I try to do things together such as visiting wine regions on our day off and we go together to different gastronomic events.
This is how a winemaker can get on my wine list: Just doing wines with soul. I don’t search the perfect wines, but wines with emotions inside.
If I were alone on an island (with a refrigerator!) I would have this with me: Of course I will have a bottle of German Riesling and a bottle of fino sherry.
I would like to achieve this within five years: become a Master Sommelier is my dream...