Julia Scavo

Family name: Scavo
Given name: Julia
Jobs: Brand Ambassador, Reveal'UP glassware range, Chef&Sommelier
I get so much joy from: from sharing wine knowledge with people I train, or during a conference, I love to see the joy on their face whenever we go back into history or down into deep geology or just take a sip of a wine and think of one of those savoury anecdotes linked to historical facts or recent personal experiences!
This inspired me to become a sommelier: during my short history on earth, I passed by Literature contests, then took up Mathematics, then sciences like Chemistry and Physics, not to mention my early beginnings, where I did some classical dance and music. Wine gives me the sum of all these and more. Wine is a cultural product with its own Literature and poetry, wine combines many sciences and has Mathematical precision in its comprehension, tasting a wine provides strong emotions similar to those produced by a concert or a ballet.
My role model is: Prince Tamino from the Magic Flute of Mozart in search of Wisdom, Reason and Nature through the study of wine!
If I were alone on an island (with a refrigerator!) I would have this with me: The whole collection of Shakespeare's plays and a bottle of 30 years VORS Oloroso…reference to Falstaff's monologue! Or some gorgeous old Malmsey from Madeira in order not to sell my soul to the devil in such a desperate deserted place!
I would like to achieve this within five years: Create a cultural wine agora where sommeliers, scientistes, doctors, musicians, poets, writers, winemakers, chefs, historians and so on could meet and exchange knowledge about wine and gastronomy!