The Distiller
Hans Reisetbauer, is a well-known Master Distiller, fruit grower, farmer, forester, and all round entrepreneur, who is absolutely committed to make the best tasting fruit Brandies in the World. Reisetbauer Brandies are 100 % pure and unadulterated by sugar or fragrances and are made from only the best quality fruit and purest Spring Water.

The freshness of the ingredients and the uncompromising care and attention which goes into distilling and creating every Brandy, combine to deliver a wonderful sensory experience which could be described as ‘like tasting an Orchard in a bottle’. Relax and enjoy.

The Fruit
Perfect quality fruit is an indispensable ingredient in making high-quality 100% pure fruit distillates (Edelbrand). That is why the Reisetbauer family tends the orchards with the utmost of care. Beginning with the expert selection of trees adapted to the unique growing conditions, continuing with rigorous pruning to reduce yield and improve quality, and ending in the harvest, which is conducted in numerous stages to guarantee that the fruit is picked in the best condition for fermentation and distillation.

The Origin
The Reisetbauer family farm, Kirchdorfergut, is located in the “Hausruckviertel” district of Upper Austria. Because of its favourable soils and a climate with wide fluctuations in temperature, it is one of the best regions for growing fruit in Austria.

The fruit used for distillation, ranging from Williams Pears, Apples, and Apricots to Rowanberries, is grown on 18 hectares of land surrounding a huge four-sided farmhouse complex and interior courtyard.

The Reisetbauer Method
In order to the best preserve for the powerful aroma of ideally ripened fruit the mashing and fermentation are made immediately after harvesting. Fermentation takes place at carefully controlled temperatures. After that the mash gets double distilled by the traditional method in a copper pot still. The still was specially designed by Hans Reisetbauer in cooperation with Christian Carl with a number of details of construction that makes it possible to retain an unusually high percentage of the original fruit aroma.

Family: Hans Reisetbauer
Place: Axberg
Area: Oberösterreich
Bestseller: Williams Pear
Awards: Destillata: Schnapps of the Year 1995
Countries we export to: Germany, USA, Italy, etc.

Reisetbauer Qualitätsbrand