The Rabl Winery can be traced back to the year 1750, when it was a traditional mixed farm. Even more than 100 years ago wine was sold in wooden barrels to local innkeepers. 70 years ago Rabl wines were filled in 0.7 litre bottles – an exception for the time that indicated outstanding quality.

In 1986 Rudolf Rabl junior (Rudi), joined his father Rudolf senior at the winery. From this moment on, the joined efforts of father and son allowed to expand the size of the winery from then 20 ha to now 80 ha of privately owned estate vineyards. Not only the size has grown, the reputation has grown with it as numerous national and international awards prove. Weingut Rabl exports 50% of its wines and is therefore one of the best-known Austrian wineries worldwide.

Family: Rudolf Rabl
Place: Langenlois
Area: Kamptal
Specials: Our vineyards in Langenlois are highly diverse. The range of different soiltypes can change from heavy loess to mineral grounds in just a couple of meters, allowing us to have a wide range of different wine styles
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner Langenlois
Best wine: Grüner Veltliner Käferberg Alte Reben
Best location: Käferberg
Location details: Warm and protected from wind, this site is located at between 300 and 350 meters above sea level and has a south/southeast exposition. There are different limestone soils on various types of bedrock. One area has crystalline rocks, such as amphibolites, gneiss and mica slate, alternating with much younger clays, sands and rare gravelly stones that were deposited in the ancient Paratethys seas. All of the rock is covered by thick layers of loess.
Best year: 2013 was definitely one of my favourite years. The combination of ripe grape material and fine acidity was in a great balance
Awards: Salon Sieger, Decanter World Wine Awards, Kamptal Best White Wine
Countries we export to: Schweiz, Deutschland, Schweden, Norwegen, Kanada
Our MSE 2017 Statement: The grand crus speak for themselves

Weingut Rabl