The farm manor at the upper end of the main street in Schützen has a long history. The farm has been operated by the Prieler family for over 150 years. Wine cultivation always played an important role.

The elegant and complex wines of the Prieler Estate have made it one of the best wine producers in Austria. All of the work at the winery is done by family members – a true family estate in every sense.

Vibrancy, depth and vitality are the attributes that make the Prieler wines so outstanding. They cannot be fully explored with just one sip. These are wines that evolve continuously in the glass – wines to truly enjoy.

“For the most part, we would like to remain exactly as we are – small, discerning, and unique. We strive to make memorable wines, inimitable wines that are defined by their varietal character and the unique terroir of Burgenland. Our wines require time and patience; they open slowly in the glass. But that is fine. We cannot please everyone and some things must first be understood. Experienced wine enthusiasts appreciate our wines. That makes us proud and we strive to keep this high regard,” says Georg Prieler

The Prieler estate currently cultivates twenty hectares of vineyards around the “Schützner Stein” mountain – an area which is also a natural preserve. The vines are all situated on the mountain slopes in a band between 190 and 220 m. The vineyard names are well-known among wine lovers: Goldberg, Seeberg, Ungerbergen and Sinner. With 2000 hours of sunshine yearly, northern Burgenland is the sunniest region not only in Austria, but in all of central Europe. The annual precipitation under 400 ml is far below the average.


Family: Georg Prieler
Place: Schuetzen am Gebirge
Area: Leithaberg
Specials: Leithaberg DAC
Best wine: Blaufränkisch Goldberg
Best location: Goldberg, Marienthal, Seeberg, Haidsatz
Location details: The top site is the Goldberg (documented since 1555), which looks toward Schützen and the Leithagebirge. Its slate soils heat up strongly in summer, slowly releasing their stored warmth in the night. In the late summer and fall, cool winds coming from the Leithagebirge are captured on the Goldberg. And the grapevines are situated according to height and temperature differences - making the grape skins thick and aromatic. That is why the Goldberg is an ideal site for Blaufränkisch, a grape viariety that benefits especially from varying day/night temperatures. Also, the soil lends to the wine a vivid, spice & mineral character.
Awards: Blaufränkisch Goldberg 2011: Falstaff 95/100, Gault Millau 19/20, A la Carte 96/100, Wine Enthusiast 95/100
Countries we export to: Deutschland, England, Belgien, Lettland, Schweiz, USA, Kanada
Mission statement: We strive to make memorable wines, inimitable wines that are defined by their varietal character and the unique terroir of Burgenland.
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