To identify and know the specifics of the different sites, to work with them, and to preserve and protect them, are what motivate Rudi Pichler.
And authentic wines – with their identity defined by the various soils, the age of the vines, vineyard exposition and the micro-climate – are the result.

The Pichler family has produced wine in Wösendorf since 1731. In 1997, Rudi III took over responsibility for the winery and expanded the vineyards.

Then, in 2004, he built a new cellar that not only meets today´s quality demands, but also brings together, architecturally, both the traditional and the modern.

Currently, we operate 12.5 hectares of vineyards, with grapes from an additional 3 hectares utilized through contracts with other vintners. Grüner Veltliner represents 65% of our vineyards, with Riesling totaling 30%, and the remaining 5% made up of Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc) as well as other varieties. All of these are vinified in the Vinea Wachau quality categories of Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd.

Family: Rudi Pichler
Place: Woesendorf
Area: Wachau
Specials: Vinea Wachau: association of winemakers in the Wachau (Restricting the production of wine to the legally-defined growing area only, and the commitment without compromise to quality, origin and purity, are the association´s main principles.)
Best wine: Grüner Veltliner and Riesling
Best location: Achleithen, Kollmuetz, Hochrain and Kirchweg
Location details: Old terraces and primitive rock soils produce wines with a dense mineral texture and fine fruity flavors.
Best year: Every Vintage has its own character. Understanding the vintages challenges is probably the most important ability a winemaker can have.
Awards: Falstaff Wine Maker of the Year 2010
Countries we export to: USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland
Mission statement: According to our philosophy, our wines must be authentic and convey - through the character of the different soils, the microclimates and the winemaker - a distinctive identity.

Weingut Rudi Pichler