Henrik Dahl Jahnsen

Family name: Dahl Jahnsen
Given name: Henrik
Jobs: General Manager, Sommelier, Bølgen & Moi, Ny-Hellesund
I love this about my profession: For me, the best part of being a Sommelier is to be able to bring people joy and memories through the best possible combinations between food and beverages, which is not necessarily always wine! Regardless of a guest's budget, a true Sommelier should be able to find a suitable alternative for them to drink that enhances the meal and the occasion.
This inspired me to become a sommelier: I've always wanted to become a Chef and was set on this profession from an early age. However, as I started my apprenticeship I quickly realised that the world of wine was a universe waiting to be discovered and the more I tasted the more I felt the need to understand wine and understand how to pair food and wine together. After completing my training as a Chef I quickly went on to start at Sommelier school, and ever since have been intrigued by the almost limitless possible combinations between food and wine, as well as other beverages.
This is important to me with my team: Passion and genuine interest in the guests well being and the world of food and beverage is crucial. Everything can be taught, so the proper attitude is always going to be more important than a number of exams or so on. It is also important to be independent and to seek the required knowledge to ensure that you can take care of the guest in the best possible way, regardless of how much they want to spend on wine.
I would never do this again: A few months before I started my apprenticeship I was working as a waiter in the same restaurant, and a guest ordered a bottle of Lequin-Colin. As the bottle looked quite normal to me I immediately started to cut the foil and couldn't seem to understand why it didn't work and I cut my hands. Not until the guest suggested that this wine probably had a screw cap did I top to realise that he was, of course, right. Lesson learnt; never presume anything!
If I were alone on an island (with a refrigerator!) I would have this with me: Well, let's be honest; the chances for survival are slim so why not enjoy it while you can? I would wish for a refrigerator full of my favourite Champagne; Krug Grande Cuvée, especially as I wouldn't have to pay for it!