Our winery is located in the heart of the wine-growing-region of Carnuntum – in the wine-village Göttlesbrunn. Here our family mainly produces complex and well-structured red wines full of juice (75 %), as well as refreshing, fizzy and aromatic whites. We try to maintain the elegance, finesse, and character of both the grapes and the wines in order to make every sip an unparalleled experience.

Zweigelt is undoubtedly the “King” of our grapes – he is very typical for our region and can therefore be found through our entire range starting from classic up to premium.


Our vines grow, thrive, and ripen on 26 ha of the soft hills of the “Arbesthaler Hügelland”. Though the nearby River Danube contribute to the regions uniqueness , it is primarily the warm pannonian lowland around the Lake Neusiedl that forms the climate of our region. Powerful warm air streams from the east result in highly ripened grapes, while the balancing and cool nightly winds from the North prevent an overwhelming fruity or jammy flavor. The unique combination of these two counteracting forces produces perfect and harmonious conditions for our grapes allowing them to mature into strong wines just as the hills intended.


Loess, Loam, Gravel and Sand – these are the four components of our soils that cultivate the nutritious and deep basis for our vines; Together, with the soft hills facing south-east, they are responsible for constant ripening and the premium quality of our grapes.

The expansive and diverse variety of our soils builds the ideal foundation for the array of grapes we produce. It is for this reason almost every vine discovers its’ individual and specific place in our region to grow and thrive under its’ destined conditions.


As unique as the soil it was erected on, Carnuntum is distinctively placed between the warm Lake Neusiedl and the chilling wind producer, the River Danube. It is due to this crucial point that we are able to simultaneously achieve well ripened, as well as fresh notes in our wines.

Moreover, here you can find a plethora of charismatic winemakers, who are famous for their team spirit and are second to none in regards to camaraderie.

In addition, Carnuntum is also a region deeply rooted in history. In the 4th century many prominent Romans called it home, thus leaving their everlasting influence long after they left. Not only did they impart an affinity for wine, they also left magnificent houses within the ruins of Carnuntum- of which have been excavated and glorified to the extent of the “Heidentor” remaining as the official symbol of the region.


Family: Netzl Franz & Christina
Place: Göttlesbrunn
Area: Carnuntum
Specials: Zweigelt
Bestseller: Rubin Carnuntum
Best wine: Anna-Christina
Best location: Haidacker, Bärnreiser, Aubühel
Location details: loeassy soils with gravel
Best year: 2011 - great combination of ripness, fresh fruit and acidity and perfect tannin structure
Awards: Falstaff red wine winner 2015 with Anna-Christina 2013
Countries we export to: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, China
Mission statement: We try to maintain the elegance, finesse, and character of both the grapes, which we thrive from our wine growing region Carnuntum and the wines in order to make every sip an unparalleled experience.

Weingut Franz und Christine Netzl