Ruben Kwakman

Family name: Kwakman
Given name: Ruben
Jobs: Sommelier, Zarzo in Eindhoven
I love this about my profession: The combination of hospitality and wine knowledge. It is still the moment when guests tell you at the end of dinner how much they enjoyed their night and wines that gives me the most satisfaction.
My most important experience was: First time tasting Petrus – I think I was 18 years old, it was vintage 1972 and I still have the empty bottle.
I get so much joy from: tasting and drinking wine with Sommelier friends!
This inspired me to become a sommelier: The depth of knowledge. Every vintage we start again. We never stop learning and exploring!
If I were alone on an island (with a refrigerator!) I would have this with me: Champagne, the drink I am always are longing for.