Zacharia Wahby

Family name: Whaby
Given name: Zacharia
Jobs: Sommelier, Hotel Royal Mansour in Marrakesh
I love this about my profession: Because I enjoy what I do, and the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with my colleagues and guest, everyday is a learning experience for me and that keeps me far from getting bored in my job.
My most important experience was: at Seychelles when I was sommelier, when I had the opportunity to discover the worldwide wines and also to extend my knowledge and learn the best techniques of this job.
I get so much joy from: When I discover a nice bottle of wine of a great vintage.
This inspired me to become a sommelier: For me a sommelier is more than a job, it is a passion and that what motived me.
My mentor is: My mentor was Chrystel Barnier whome I learned so much from. She was a head sommelier at my first expiriance in 2010.