Martynas Pravilonis

Family name: Pravilonis
Given name: Martynas
Jobs: Sommelier, Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square, Vilnius
I love this about my profession: that you not only get to taste and serve many impressive wines, but also get to meet wonderful people, both clients and colleagues.
My most important experience was: 10 years ago while working as a breakfast waiter in a hotel. I was asked to stay for an evening and help in a big Riesling blind tasting event, which was organised by one importer. Afterwards I got two half empty unlabelled bottles to take home with me. I have never learned what it was, but the wines left deep impression on me and I have decided to learn more about them.
I get so much joy from: sharing my wine experiences with my wife, be it studying, travelling or tasting. She is my strongest supporter and motivator.
This is important to me with my team: When we study, taste and discuss how and what we could do to deliver the best experience possible to our guests.
I would never do this: I would never agree to advertise and put my name on the product (wine or spirit) which I think is bad quality or not up to what is being advertised.