Raimonds Thomsons

Family name: Tomsons
Given name: Raimonds
Jobs: Head Sommelier, Restaurant Vincents, Riga
I love this about my profession: There is probably no other profession in which an essential part of the job is drinking fine wines with very fine cuisine.
My most important experience was: My work at the restaurant Vincent’s in Riga for 17 years and my studies at the Austrian Wine Academy. During this time I started to understand wines and at the same time I realized how much I still do not know!
I get so much joy from: positive feedback and emotions from our customers, who leave our restaurant with great memories and emotions.
I would never do this again: After a great bottle of red Corton Grand Cru switch to vodka. Not good at all…
I would like to achieve this within five years: Helping to create an educational system which could help to motivate and educate young and passionate people in Latvia for our future.