Family: Stefan Lang
Place: Neckenmarkt
Area: Mittelburgenland
Specials: heavy deep soil, for the optimal maturation of full-bodied red wines
Bestseller: Blaufränkisch L1 Mittelbgld. DAC Reserve
Best wine: Raue Liebe
Best location: Hochberg
Location details: optimal water- and heat-storage , which guarantee the physiological full maturity, especially with Blaufränkisch
Best year: 2015: Wonderful mature -perfect crunchy grape material without much effort in the vinyards
Awards: Falstaffsieger, Salonsieger
Countries we export to: Sweden, Belgien, Germany, Polen, China
Mission statement: our slogan: "GUTER WEIN BRAUCHT LANG" The world is full of tastes that have never reached a palate and I would like to discover
Our MSE 2017 Statement: To the knowledge of many sommeliers and interesting discussions

Rotweine Lang