Kloster am Spitz

– Thomas Schwarz, from the superb Weingut Kloster am Spitz in Purbach, converted the family estate from conventional to organic in 20o5. this had much to do with the birth of his first child, which raised the philosophical question of what he would leave behind.
He felt he was watching the familly vineyard spiral into a morass of chemical
pest controls. He decided on a more minimalistic, hands-off approach to wine making.
preferring natural fermentation and longer times with skin contact,  little to no fining
(the use of compounds to clarify the wine). and especially with his red wines aging in large barrels for the wine to stabilize naturally. The answers, he believes, are in the
vines and their products, and he is there as a custodian to the process, to manage
but not to interfere with the wines development. “Great wines” he says “should
be honest wines.”- Michael Lee, Metropole, march 2016

Family: Schwarz
Place: Purbach am Neusiedler See
Area: Leithaberg
Specials: the unique combination of leithaberg and lake neusiedl
Website: weingut.klosteramspitz.at
Bestseller: Muschelkalk
Location details:
Best year: -
Awards: being father of a wonderful daughter
Countries we export to: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
Mission statement: Great wines should be honest wines.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: meeting openminded winefrontliners from all over europe
See more on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaUpPjEGhVo

Thomas Schwarz – Kloster am Spitz