„A kingdom for a grape!“

The sun in Mittelburgenland cuddles our vines 300 days a year. The special climate in combination with the heavy clay soil provides the best prerequisites for our premium red wines. The K+K Kirnbauer estate cultivates over 40 ha vineyards around Deutschkreutz.

The unique harmony between wine and oak is THE major philosophy of the winery. The sustainable production is our mission: That means protection of our nature and ressources and guarantees perfect winemaking conditions for future generations. Thus we have been one of the first wineries that is producing “certified sustainable Austrian wine”.

With „Das Phantom“ we initiated the Austrian “Cuvée-Culture” in 1987 and now – 30 years later – it is Austria’s best known red wine.

Zweigelt GIRMER Reserve – matured in barrique-barrels that originated from our own family oak forest.

FOREVER – A great blend of Cabernet and Merlot, 36 months in barrique matured. Forever in terms of lengths and maturability.

Blaufränkisch GOLD Reserve  Premium Blaufränkisch from old vines in our best sites. Matured in finest Troncais barrels.

Family: Markus Kirnbauer
Place: Deutschkreutz
Area: Mittelburgenland
Specials: Austria's most prestigious red wine area
Website: www.phantom.at
Bestseller: Das Phantom
Best wine: Forever
Best location: Altes Weingebirge ("Biri")
Location details: High plateau 4 km south of Lake Neusiedl
Best year: 2012 - perfect combination of fruit and body, looooong maturability
Awards: International Decanter Award (with Blaufränkisch Goldberg Reserve), a-la-carte Sieger, Falstaff-Sieger, Vinum-Sieger
Countries we export to: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands
Mission statement: "A kingdom for a grape" - is the key slogan of our estate. Sustainability is our aim. Our wines guarantee highest levels of passion, Pannonian Lifestyle and are a wonderful expression of our personal identity.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: We are proud to be part of the Sommelier EM and looking forward to show all the guests from abroad the famous Austria hospitality.
See more on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rAPG6CVYPY

K+K Kirnbauer