Family: Paul Kerschbaum
Place: Horitschon
Area: Mittelburgenland
Bestseller: Blaufränkisch Ried Hochäcker
Best wine: Cuvée Kerschbaum
Best location: Ried Dürrau
Location details: With its heavy soil of marly clay and gravel, Ried Dürrau is an especially valuable vineyard site. Here the Blaufränkisch flourishes, yielding wines with long life an an imposing structure. Typical here is the light spicy aroma, which even includes a sweet fragrance of cinnamon.
Best year: 2011
Awards: Falstaff Winery of the year 2007
Countries we export to: Germany, Switzerland
Mission statement: Scrupulous and careful work on the vines that is close to nature, plus a sensitive vinification an oak cask maturing specific to the material, provide the foundation for great red wines.

Paul Kerschbaum