Robert Keringer has Talent für wine making. It took him just a few years to turn the family vineyard, formerly a secondary business for his partens, into an award-wining wine business. Keringer wines have for example, been awarded special mentions in specialised journals like Falstaff, Vinaria and A la Carte. Keringers vineyards are situated within six kilometres of the estate in Mönchhof near Lake Neusiedl in the wine cultivating area of the Austrian Burgenland. Robert Keringer ist a red wine specialist with his main focus on Zweigelt, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch. With his 100-Days wines Keringer created a special wine series available in four different varieties called 100 Days Zweigelt, Shiraz, Cabernet und Merlot. Due to the Long fermentation process the wines gain a special balance of tannins, colour and flavour. The young wine stays in the mash with skin , seeds and all the other grape components for about 100 days.

Family: Ing. Robert Keringer
Place: Moenchhof
Area: Neusiedlersee
Specials: Hot summers because of that mature wines.
Bestseller: Our mostly selled wine is Massiv and the wines of the 100 days series.
Best wine: We think that our best wines are Massiv and the ´wines of the 100 days series. They are very special.
Best location: All of our locations are equally important.
Best year: 2015 - is current
Awards: Salonsieger, AWC-Sieger, Falstaffprämiert, Burgenländischer Landessieger, multiple winner of the Berliner Weintrophy
Countries we export to: Germany, Switzerland , Holland, Belgium, China
Mission statement: There are no general rules or recipes to produce exceptional wines. On the contrary, the understanding of the observation of the different natural conditions every year is an attempt to take targeted steps towards top quality.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: We are pleased to be a part of this international event and to present our wines to a broad specialist audience.

Weingut Keringer