Family: Alwin Jurtschitsch
Place: Langenlois
Area: Kamptal
Bestseller: Grüve
Best wine: Riesling Zöbinger Heiligenstein
Best location: Heiligenstein
Location details: meagre, weathered, red desert sand- stone is veined with volcanic conglomerate from the Permian period. A nature reserve and unique microclimate provide remarkable biodiversity above ground: dry mountain grasslands between the vine rows with Mediterranean flora and fauna.
Best year: 2010
Countries we export to: Deutschland, USA, UK, Schweden, Norwegen, Finnland
Mission statement: the change-over to an organic cultivation of the family-owned vineyards. It was followed by a reduction of the wine-growing sites so that they could concentrate of the first-class appellations of the Kamp Tal. And all this went smoothly and with a great deal of sensitivity and respect for tradition. The wine philosophy also underwent a transformation: "Our wine style became more 'polarising', characterised by the idea of terroirs without compromise", says Stefanie Jurtschitsch. They produce wines which let the vineyards and soils speak for themselves, even about the winegrower who cares for them. "Yes, we are farmers", Alwin Jurtschitsch stresses, "this is our work, our tradition and handcraft in the best sense of the word.

Weingut Jurtschitsch