Family: Simone Hiller-Jordan
Place: Pulkau
Area: Weinviertel
Specials: Our wines grow on soil that was shaped by the primordial ocean millions of years ago: Clay and loess along with primary rock allow themselves to be kissed by the gentle Pannonian climate of the Weinviertel, then wait for the raw Waldviertel winds in order to produce wines found nowhere else.
Bestseller: Simone I. Wine & Queen
Best wine: Zweigelt Rubin Reserve
Best location: Ried Haselparz
Location details: Clay and loess along with some primary rocks on a small south facing hill, surrounded by hedges and bushes, make for a prime Zweigelt location!
Best year: 2010 because it was my first vintage as winemaker at home
Awards: Falstaff Wineguide and Redwineguide, Vinaria Wineguide, Decanter Wine World Awards, Meininger Mundus Vini
Countries we export to: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Bermudas
Mission statement: Wineries are not build overnight, but build up from generation to generation! We think in generations for the vineyards and the winery, for us this is the real meaning of sustainability!
Our MSE 2017 Statement: To talk and taste wines with the best Sommeliers in the world and get international feedback on our wines but also to promote Austrian Wine for an international audience.

Weingut Jordan