Julie Dupouy

Family name: Dupouy
Given name: Julie
Jobs: Sommelier, The Greenhouse Restaurant, Dublin
I love this about my profession: I get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world, to meet lots of fascinating and passionate people, to learn something new every day and share my passion with others. In fact I love my profession because I don’t have the impression that I am working, simply because I truly love what I do.
I get so much joy from: seeing customers leave the restaurant genuinely happy by the experience they just had and by knowing that they truly enjoyed the wine recommendations. If I managed to introduce them to a new style of wine or a new wine region and they loved it, then all the better!
This inspired me to become a sommelier: From a young age I always had a passion for smells as they have this particularity to trigger emotions, memories and open my imagination. I first dreamed of being a “nose”. Then, I remember harvesting with my granddad when I was about 10 years and these are great memories. There was always wine at the table at home for dinner. Wine is part of the culture I come from. Wine is about tasting, discovering and sharing. Wine is about emotion and pleasure and creating memories with the people you share it with. For all of these reasons it felt like a natural path for me to become a sommelier.
This is how a winemaker can get on my wine list: I need to feel a connection with the wine. It needs to be interesting, it needs to be digest, it needs to have a personality. Often I am not looking for perfection but for character and a tory to tell. What is amazing is that often when you get to meet the winemaker, you can see how his/her personality translates into the wine.
I would like to achieve this within five years: There are quite a few things I would like to achieve within 5 years. First of all, with the help of other members, I am currently investing quite a bit of my time to develop the tastings and educational activities offered by the Irish Guild of Sommeliers as I believe that the interest is definitely there and just needs time to blossom. I would like to see the association do well and see the sommelier community and culture for wine develop in Ireland. Finally, my personal dream achievement is to become the European champion this year and follow that by winning the World competition in Belgium. I would love to use this achievement to inspire more women to work and excel within this wonderful industry.