With Winery Hirtl 300 years of tradition meet the spirit of modern bon-vivant-culture. The estate is situated in Austria‘s wine capital Poysdorf, a small town in the heart of the Weinviertel region north of Vienna. Genuine origin, top quality and personal service by the winemakers Andrea and Martin Hirtl is the mission of the family already as early as their takeover of the estate in 2001. Since the strongest expression of Weinviertel origin is the Grüner Veltliner under the appellation Weinviertel DAC, the Winery Hirtl offers such a broad spectrum of peppery Veltliners, as only a few wineries between the hill Manhartsberg and river March do. In addition, Hirtl‘s focus is on red wines of international style. The full-bodied cuvee One in Red draws the bow from Poysdorf to Bordeaux.

,Our wines are long-living, stylish Weinviertler with depth and structure. We make sure that they have a good shelf life and are very fine food companions for the traditional Austrian cuisine as well as for the international gourmet cuisine. We do not believe in fast trends and fashions, because this would be inconsistent with our commitment to the Weinviertel,‘ explains Andrea Hirtl. The constant development in quality also means to stand next to the client and to be acknowledged by independent institutions. As such, the Winery Hirtl holds the certificate of being a „Weinviertel leading estate“ since 2012.


Mastermind behind the stylish wines of the Winery is Martin Hirtl. He is constantly on the lookout for further development and brimming with new ideas. Therefore, he keeps small vineyards for trying new methods there.

Andrea was drawn to the Weinviertel by love. In the winery, she is responsible for marketing and sales. Her determination and strength have brought fresh wind to the traditional winery. The two sons Christian and Markus sniff already into the operation and thus learn about the responsibility towards history, the wine capital, the nature and the customer.


This responsibility is also being implemented in the 20 hectares of vineyards. Sustainability and the specific needs of each grape variety stand above all working steps. Greening for an active soil life and a canopy management, which is fitted to the terroir and microclimate are the alpha and omega. However, Martin Hirtl is convinced that the state of the art is often not enough to reach out brillant qualities, `We rely on grapes subdivision instead of the wide spread Green Harvest, because the thinning of grapes prevents the vine from developing its power evenly. Therefore we leave all the grapes on the vine, but cut them into half. This guarantees a uniform development of the vines what makes them more resistant.‘ In the cellar Martin Hirtl uses temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for the classic wines and barrique barrels from Allier oak with medium toasting for the red wines.

Typical Soils for typical wines

One third of the vineyards are planted with Grüner Veltliner. So the Winery Hirtl can show all the facets and the full potential of this fascinating grape variety. To bring out this depth of character even more, the Hirtls focus on single vineyard wines.

,Each winemaker in Poysdorf who thinks highly about himself should own a vineyard on the Kirchberg‘ an old adage says. This is probably because this exposed slope with its airy loess soil and fine gravel has always been a high-quality and therefore a sought-after-location. The Grüner Veltliner there reaches splendid maturity and can thus develop into a fine-exotic, peppery wine with stimulating acidity. Hirtls have two Grüner Veltliners from this hill in their assortment: Weinviertel DAC Kirchberg and Weinviertel DAC Franz. The latter is lovingly cultivated and harvested by Martin‘s Uncle Franz. Only the botteling is up to the nephew.

Waldberg: Grüner Veltliner develops more body and density here with an intensive nose of peaches and spice on the palate. This is caused by the clay content in the loess soil.

Bürsting: One of the highest and windiest hills around Poysdorf and consists of a fine mixture of sand and brash. This soil and dry microclimate makes the Grüner Veltliner particularly fine in its structure with a vibrant complexity and delicate apricot and pepper notes.

Hermannschachern: Is the oldest documented vineyard of Poysdorf and extends on a south-facing slope below a forest. Since the beginning of the 14th century winemakers are planting vines on this soil of clay. This is the best place for the giant Chardonnay Selection of Winery Hirtl.

Weißer Berg and Rösslberg: Hilltops with sandy-loamy soils that are well suited for Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Yellow Muscat. On the hot Veigelberg the red wine varieties find a perfect place to develop. The slight loess and the southern alignment bring juicy fruit, fresh acidity and a lot of potential due to the high ripeness.

Family: Andrea und Martin Hirtl
Place: Poysdorf
Area: Weinviertel
Specials: Chalky loess and loam soils, cool climate, dry humidity = Fruity Peppery Grüner Veltliner
Website: www.weingut-hirtl.at
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC Kirchberg
Best wine: Weinviertel DAC Reserve
Best location: Kirchberg
Location details: Sandy loess soil, south facing, breathtaking view to the church of Poysdorf and the town below.
Best year: 2001 - our first vitage together as Andrea and Martin
Awards: Falstaff Red Wine Guide
Countries we export to: Germany
Mission statement: Tradition and lifestyle, nature and top quality. Combining them is a hard task, but we work on that day by day, because delight is always a matter of tradition, lifestyle, nature and quality.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: We are looking forward to meet all those fascinating people again who are so skilled tasters, having perfectly working senses. Discussing our wines with them brings us new ideas and feedback on our work.

Weingut Hirtl