Family: Ludwig Hiedler
Place: Langenlois
Area: Kamptal
Specials: Cool, Dry, Influenced by 2 different climates, Soil: Loess and Primary Rock
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner Thal
Best wine: Depending on Vintage, one of the favourites every year is Riesling Heiligenstein
Best location: Heiligenstein
Location details: "Geological Island" dating back to the Perm period, Sandstone conglomerate that was exposed to desert climate and vulcanic activity
Best year: 2010! Ripe acidity, Balance, Juicy character, Great aging potential
Awards: Decanter 2006 - Best International Sweet Wine, Falstaff - Amongst the TOP 50 Wineries in Austria
Countries we export to: USA, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Belgium
Mission statement: Individuality and Longevity. Each grape is a small universe of time and origin - values which we thrive to eternalize in wine. The wines are shaped by our pursuit of longevity, elegance and balance.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: I'm looking forward to see wine enthusiasts who pursue their passion while dicovering a taste which is closely connected to the wines origin and each individual winemakers style.

Weingut Hiedler