Family winery

Gruber Röschitz is a pioneering family winery in the Weinviertel wine-growing area of Niederösterreich. The three siblings strive for one focus: finess-driven wines, which are made by the Röschitz terroir. Unique Grüner Veltliner and Riesling with mineralic style.  They should be dinstinctiv.

Weinviertel – Röschitz

Röschitz, situated in the western part of Weinviertel (Manhartsberg), provides very good conditions for wine-growing. The landscape is open and inviting. Grüner Veltliner is the main variety, with the typical regional characteristics: “Weinviertel – where the “Pfefferl” grows.

The soil makes the wine

Röschitz is highly regarded for its exciting and individual styles of wines. This is because of the unique and exceptional soils: primary rock soils  with granite and partly shallow loess topsoil. The crystalline rock together with the rather cool climate allows for a special fruity – elegant style of wines.

“We only use organic methods in all our vineyards and always work in harmony with nature. By doing so, we would like to raise awareness through our natural and sustainable cultivation methods: awareness of nature, awareness of the environment and sustainable cultivation for future generations,” the siblings say.


Family: Ewald Gruber
Place: Roeschitz
Area: Weinviertel
Specials: Urgesteinsboden (Granit), cool climat (near "Waldviertel"), less rain
Bestseller: Weinviertel DAC Röschitz
Best wine: Weinviertel DAC Reserve Mühlberg
Best location: Reipersberg
Location details: 50 year old vins, south-west expositure, primary rock soil (Granit), Grüner Veltliner,
Awards: Mühlberg 2015 - one of the best white wines from FALSTAFF; 94 Pkt.
Countries we export to: Denmark, USA, Germany, Netherland
Our MSE 2017 Statement: to meet the best wine freaks of the world
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Gruber Roeschitz