Terry Kandylis

Family name: Kandylis
Given name: Terry
Jobs: Head Sommelier, 67 Pall Mall, London
My most important experience was: There are so many. I will focus on the La Tâche 1978 because this is clearly the best wine I have ever tried and it was such an emotional experience.
My mentor is: I am feeling quite lucky to work with Ronan Sayburn at 67 Pall Mall. He has an amazing ability and teaching experience.
This is how a winemaker can get on my wine list: With their wine. I like passionate people, who respect their places and try to express themselves in the best way possible.
I would like to achieve this within five years: Being a humble ambassador of Hellenic wines.
I foresee these trends in the sommelier profession within the next few years: Terroir-driven and fresher wines from ‘New World’ countries and the ‘Old World’ to become more important and well-displayed on wine lists around the world.