Heidi Mäkinen

Family name: Mäkinen
Given name: Heidi
Jobs: Sommelière, 67 Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom
I love this about my profession: Meeting new people every day, being able to work with other people as passionate about wine as me and being able to explore the world and different cultures through wine.
I get so much joy from: creating experiences and memorable moments for customers, by providing great hospitality and enjoyment through food and wine.
This is important to me with my team: To be able to share our knowledge and experience with each others, to help each others at all times, and together create an enjoyable environment for the customers.
If I were alone on an island (with a refrigerator!) I would have this with me: Grower champagne and Vin Jaune with Comte.
I would like to achieve this within five years: To have a couple of letters after my name!