Family: Christian Fink
Place: Gauderndorf/Eggenburg
Area: Weinviertel
Specials: it´s gently bending towards the horizon and is full of flavours, which reflect in our wines
Bestseller: Sauvignon Blanc
Best wine: O.T. Reserve
Best location: Ried Hintern Dorf in Gauderndorf
Location details: it´s packed with mineral matter, primary rocks of granite and additional marine sediments of the tethys
Best year: 2015, because conditions were great for balanced wines
Awards: awc gold, finalist of the niederösterreichische Landesweinkost
Countries we export to: D
Mission statement: we work hard to create a sustainable platform for our vision of making wine. we make wine, because we decided to do it, because we wanted to do it, because we needed to do it. it´s a down to earth winery, located in a traditional cellar excavated from the hills of our vineyards, but this cellar got soul like the soil of our vineyards got a mineral heartbeat.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: we are really looking forward to get to celebrate this event with a subset of mankind fuelled by and devoted to the same passion, that makes us work. the complexity of the assembled knowledge, the variety arising from different approaches and above all the emotions, that make this event vibrant and thrilling.

Fink und Kotzian