Great wines are often the result of great transformations. The first major change of the Donabaum enterprise took place in 1961, when Johann Donabaum’s parents abandoned mixed agriculture and specialized on pure viticulture instead. The second significant change occurred when Johann took over the vineyard and decided to privilege quality over quantity. It is since then that the wines from Laaben, located at the entry to the Spitzer Graben, count among the finest in Austria and even cause a sensation on the international stage.

Johann cultivates 8 hectares, and is able to describe his adjacent terroirs and their different nuances in great detail: his often extremely steep terraces share a soil rich in gneiss and slate, in which he mainly grows Veltliner and Riesling. However, the Neuburger from the Biern terrace deserves being mentioned, too, as it raises the bar for the entire region. In addition to the Offenberg, the Setzberg and the Point terraces in the Spitzer Graben area, two Veltliner from terraces in Wösendorf also feature in his range. His basic style, however, remains the same: Johann’s wines are forceful, dense, juicy, elegant and mineral.

He no longer runs a Heurigen, but instead offers five guestrooms for any visitors who wish to explore the Spitzer Graben and the Donabaum wines in more detail.

Family: Johann Donabaum
Place: Spitz an der Donau
Area: Wachau
Specials: terraced wineyards
Bestseller: Riesling "Limitierte Edition" Smaragd
Best wine: Riesling "Limitierte Edition" Smaragd
Best location: Setzberg & Spitzer Point
Location details: terraced single vineyards on primary rock soil,
Best year: 2007 - quality and quantity on its best
Awards: decanter world wine award for Riesling 2007 -
Countries we export to: USA, Great Britain, Belgium & Switzerland
Mission statement: I believe that every step in the vinification process reduces the quality and aroma of the grapes. “Our goal is to only interfere with the winemaking process as little as is absolutely necessary. Only a process that treats our grapes with the greatest possible care is good enough for us! Above all, we give our wines time because like all living things wine needs time to grow and develop.”
Our MSE 2017 Statement: great place to be for both - winemakers & sommeliers

Weingut Johann Donabaum