Christian Jacobsen

Family name: Jacobsen
Given name: Christian
Jobs: Partner & Sommelier, Restaurant Anarki, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
I love this about my profession: As professionals we are able to communicate the history and the process of making the beverage that is often, but not always, bound in tradition. That makes wine unique and the profession so much more than just pouring wine and pairing it with food.
This inspired me to become a sommelier: The concept that I was able to work with and live of something that sparkled my curiosity in such a strong way.
I could do without this in my profession: Guests and professionals who spend an endless amount of time taking pictures and posting the bottles on social media. Obviously it is okay – but do you really need to post every single bottle of wine that gets within a radius of three meters and does it have to be right now, when hot food was just served?
I would like to achieve this within five years: I would like to be able to mature wines for the wine lists in my restaurants and be able to offer mature wines at affordable prices. It is not an easy task as it requires time, financial means and space. I would love to be able to offer that to our guests on a broader scale than we do now.
I foresee these trends in the sommelier profession within the next few years: I think that we will see more focus on mature white wines and hopefully see sommeliers who are willing and able to offer white wines with age and not only the fresh vintages. Mature whites can be profound but unfortunately, we see it too seldom on wine lists.