George Loukakis

Family name: Loukakis
Given name: George
Jobs: Head Sommelier, Columbia Restaurants, Limassol
I get so much joy from: our guests when they leave our Restaurants happy and satisfied, with an honest smile they congratulate us for the genuine hospitality and service we were able to provide.
This inspired me to become a sommelier: Back in 1998 my uncle Nikos Loukakis won the Title of the Best Sommelier of Greece, I observed the competition at the age of 17 and I was amazed with how much knowledge and professionalism a sommelier needs to possess in order to provide an overall positive experience to guests in any restaurant and establishment.
My role model is: My General Manager Mr. Bambos Charalambous, a true gentleman with any given way of the word. A professional that is a case study for whoever wants to follow the hospitality industry.
My mentor is: Nikos Loukakis, his guidance at any given point is valuable and followed strictly. He was The candidate Of Greece for the Best Sommelier of Europe almost 20 years ago in Austria as well! Legacy continues...
This is important to me with my team: Stay humble, work as Team, inspire each other and work hard.