Since 1891 BURSCHIK produces in Vienna exquisite vermouth, exclusively from natural and selected ingredients. Based on this long experience the ancient recipe has been gently „recomposed“ in 2012 – with selected wines and 19 purest herbs and spices:

Burschik’s Vermouth Klassik:     elegant balance in sweetness and herbs
Burschik’s Vermouth Red:          power in herbs and body
Burschik’s Vermouth Dry:           just wine and herbs; dry and aromatic

Family: Familie Leonhard Specht
Place: Vienna
Bestseller: Burschik’s Vermouth Klassik
Best wine: Burschik’s Vermouth Klassik
Awards: ISW Gold für Burschik’s Vermouth Klassik, Silber für Red und Dry Falstaff: 91 Punkte für Burschik’s Vermouth Klassik 2016
Countries we export to: Deutschland, Schweiz
Mission statement: Der Wein trägt die Kräuter
Our MSE 2017 Statement: Feine Verkostungen in gepflegter Atmosphäre.

Weingut Burschik