Family: Birgit Braunstein
Place: Purbach
Area: Leithaberg
Specials: chalky lime stone, primary rock
Bestseller: Blaufränkisch Heide
Best wine: Blaufränkisch Thenau
Best location: Thenau, Goldberg
Location details: chalky lime stone, primary rock, cool wind from the forest of the Leithaberg, warm climate due to the lake Neusiedlersee
Best year: 1998, my twin boys were born
Awards: wine maker of the year in Austria, red wine trophy, wine of the year, Falstaff trophy winner,
Countries we export to: Deutschland, Schweiz, Großbritannien, Belgien, Holland, Dänemark, Russland, Schweden, Norwegen
Mission statement: “When my wines taste vibrant and alive, then I know that all the work has been worthwhile and I feel an inner peace and deep satisfaction.”
Our MSE 2017 Statement: networking with a lot of passionate wine lovers
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Weingut Birgit Braunstein