Family: Anton Bauer
Place: Feuersbrunn
Area: Wagram
Specials: vines deep roots; always enough water, nutrients, minerals and thus give the Wagramer wine its distinctive spicy character - this is supported by the warm Pannonian climate, interplay of hot summers and cool nights
Bestseller: Grüner Veltliner & Pinot Noir
Best wine: Pinot Noir Reserve Limited Edition
Best location: Rosenberg
Location details: deep loess soil with a certain percentage of clay, south-facing tarraced site
Best year: vintage 2012, cause of the best rating for austrian red's for our Pinot Noir Reserve Limited Edition 2012 (96 points Wine Enthusiast),
Awards: Falstaff, Wine Enthusiast
Countries we export to: USA, Germany, Denmark, Norway, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Suisse, Czech Republik
Mission statement: paying great attention to underlining the typically regional features and the terroir character of the wines The continuous cultivation of the vineyards is one of the prerequisites for producing high-quality grapes. Anton Bauer puts much emphasis on exact working methods, an integrated grape production that protects beneficial insects and the moderate use of pesticides. A healthy soil enriched with humus provides the basis for the deep rooting vines, trimming during the summer months and yield reduction further contribute to receiving ripe grapes of best quality. The physiologically ripe grapes are handled as gently as possible and are of course 100% picked by hand. As a next step the grapes are selected on a sorter belt by a camera. A long period of extensive contact with the yeast makes the wines harmonious, ensuring that there is a better balance between acidity and alcohol. As the wines are bottled relatively late they can mature slowly. And that is exactly part of Anton Bauer's philosophy: Things need time to develop, and wine needs time as well.

Weingut Anton Bauer