The vineyards are spread over the slopes of the Leithaberg hills all around the village of Jois, which are located at the east end of the Leithaberg DAC region. Soils are consisting mica schist and limestone and the mild pannonian climate is influessed by the nearby lake neusiedl. We do organic farming in the vineyards and follow a strong low intervention style of winemaking. Handpicking, spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast and no use of finings are obvious. Most important grape is Blaufränkisch. It’s ability to express the soil it grows on is an steady inspiration for me as a winemaker and encourages us to produce pure and authentic wines.

Family: Markus Altenburger
Place: Jois
Area: Leithaberg
Specials: limestone and micaschist slopes of the Leithaberg hills influenced by the lake Neusiedl offer perfect conditions for great Blaufränkisch and Chardonnay Wines
Best location: Jungenberg & Gritscheberg
Location details: Jungenberg is dominated by schist, Gritschenberg is pure limestone
Best year: 2013 - perfect balance of ripeness and freshness
Countries we export to: Germany, Denmark, USA, UK
Mission statement: we strongly believe in our terroir and like to express it with our single vineyard Blaufränkisch wines. Organic farming and low interventionist winemaking are the keys.
Our MSE 2017 Statement: I am looking forward to meeting Sommeliers from all over Europe. Lough, talk and share our vision of winemaking and the impressions of our great terroir with them.

Weingut Markus Altenburger